Susan: "I don't have High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol Anymore"

Susan whose on our diet program shares with us the Foods that Lowered her Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.​

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Susan whose on our diet program shares with us the foods that lowered her blood preessure and cholesterol. She has completely gotten off her high blood pressure and cholesterol medication due to the results she received by being on the Libre Blood Sugar Diet.  By constantly monitoring everybody that is on our blood sugar diet program we can see exactly the foods that raise blood sugar levels and foods that lower blood sugar levels  in your body. Well these very foods that are bad for you also are the culprit for weight gain, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Once you avoid these foods that are bad for you you are on the road of a healthier new you. Susan tells her remarkablestory in this podcast. 

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​  [00:00:00] Hello THERE. HELLO THERE. HELLO THERE. Welcome welcome welcome. Well this report and this is a supplemental one we have a very special interview with our guest who has had some lifelong problems some of them life threatening and a little bit different than. People that have almost almost all of us have a weight problem that kind of leads to this. But then they get the complications. Diabetes is one of them. People have high cholesterol problems and her particular situation she's had very dangerous life threatening high blood pressure problems and tried everything and she go tell her story. It's just amazing. By the way everyone on the program everyone I mean everyone what a capital E is seeing incredible changes. I review all the spreadsheets that we develop in this thing and it's just incredible to watch the numbers on the coasts in the sugar in the blood go down. It's incredible to watch them give us reports. Hey my doctor cut me out of my insulin. Oh my lip the and is now longer taking it. Oh yes cutting back my blood pressure medicine so it's just an amazing amazing discovery here because contrary to myth you can eat all the cheese all the steaks you want and you're not just going to go high and you can have a diet where you have no no fat in your diet or you've got high cholesterol customs controlled by the liver. And what we believe is happening is it's the diet that's controlling that through the mechanism of the blood sugar level. Blood sugar is the key to everything. And every day we're discovering more and more instances and more and more crazy stuff that people can eat and stuff that people can eat. They never knew. So. Susan are you there. Come tell us your story.
[00:01:37] Yes hi. Hi Nick.
[00:01:39] Hi. So tell me what have you. Rosalie new on the program. Some exciting news for us what's happened.
[00:01:52] Yes I do.
[00:01:54] I did about almost four months already on the program and on this diet and I guess I've lost almost 10 kilo. I'm not an overweight person. So 10 kilos really is. It's incredible because I really look great.
[00:02:12] Right now we're at the bathing suit I want to really look just for bikini season.
[00:02:23] It's fantastic but I really got back to my ideal way. But more than that something incredible happens to me this week. And actually I've been almost 17 years on blood pressure medication and also medication to lower my cholesterol. Over the years my doctor has always increased the dosage of my medication. And it's something that they told me. I inherited this problem. And there's nothing really I can do about it. And I should you know watch what I eat. But for some reason nothing has has made a difference. I mean that could increase all the every year. I'm always there always increasing the doctor is increasing my dosage as all my medication. And this week something credible happened Sunday I started to notice I was very dizzy very very dizzy and had a bit like a blackout. I didn't know exactly what it was. And I went and I tested my blood. My blood pressure blood pressure machine and I saw that it just like this very low it was incredibly low. So I decided not to take all my medication that night. That was Sunday night and the next day I said well it probably went back up because you know I didn't take all my blood pressure medication. And on Monday the same thing happened it was even lower my blood pressure and the same thing happened on Tuesday and it kept dropping. And I have not I have completely omitted this one medication.
[00:04:13] The loss or which I take. I've been taking for over a year now and it's just incredible. I didn't already since Sunday I have not been taking this loss or Dick and my blood pressure is great. It's fantastic. I mean it's never been those levels is really very low for me. I have 110. 12 over 65 and I haven't seen that her very I don't know in a very long time since I've seen that. I don't remember having blood pressure that low. So that's my story and what I want to say this program is amazing because not only do I get to eat all my favorite food which they've all always told me because I have high blood pressure or high cholesterol specially for me that those are foods that I can't eat and I can't enjoy anymore. So it's it's amazing. I've been able not only to lose them kilos of my blood pressure is going down. I feel better I feel amazing. I have so much energy energy that I haven't thought for a very long time.
[00:05:24] So I guess my favorite foods steaks chops meats Begam the what the meat.
[00:05:33] Yes. I can't believe that I get to enjoy steak and meat and it's just it's great. It is amazing. Oh my favorite food. Ice cream. I've been eating vanilla ice cream. I mean I don't think I've ever eaten vanilla ice cream because you know for years it's on me that that was dangerous for my health. That was bad you have blood pressure like life threatening high levels though this was a very serious condition with you right
[00:06:04] Yeah yeah. That's right. Even with even with all my medication it was always very high. All the time very high
[00:06:16] And now I can't believe it it's actually like I've Perpich blood pressure and I'm not even I'm off one of the major. I mean the medication that took from blood pressure which was loss of decs and the main thing you're going into your blood.
[00:06:33] Yes. Right. Because really be careful. Talk to your doctor
[00:06:37] Not go crazy here what's that.
[00:06:41] I said we need to talk to the doctor and we need to get your breakfast on that chair.
[00:06:48] My doctor. You know the last time I spoke to him about selling and that was on the dial he looked at me like I was crazy. And
[00:06:58] Then the doctors for you they tell you the wrong information they didn't know any better.
[00:07:04] They didn't have they didn't have they didn't have the the algorithms that we have they don't have we're monitoring this thing. They didn't understand that food choices were so important. Well I never understood it until we started seeing the numbers. OK. Right right right. Die's important you know. So they relied upon the medicine but you've got to go ahead and keep on your meds get your blood work done. What I find is once you start showing them the blood work and they see the they need proof you saying that it's working doesn't mean anything to them when they get their blood test back from their lab to go oh oh whoa whoa whoa. And now they have no choice because they're going to be overmedicating you. And so that's the chances we see with everybody. What were some of the foods that were so offending you what were the ones that they told you could eat that turns out you couldn't. The food that I can eat that they said that I couldn't eat and the ones you were the ones you they told you could eat that you could not tell me both categories them.
[00:07:58] Well they told me that I passed is very healthy for me and that I should make sure the past and I should make sure the right. And plenty of whole wheat bread and it's very important to have my with these carbohydrates in my diet. And they also told me I should have fruit every day.
[00:08:22] So those were the foods that they told me that. And it turns out that those are the few that are actually really bad for me and poison for my system.
[00:08:31] So now that I went a minute that I I stopped eating those foods.
[00:08:39] That's when I really started to lose weight. Feel great and my blood pressure went down. So this is pretty amazing. Fluctuation isn't it. Yes. Life changing.
[00:08:53] You know my favorite food which they always told me that I couldn't eat which was the meat steak anything with that that was just to tell me you have to have chicken without fat and meat without any fat. I mean not me. I couldn't have meat at all. They told me that if I had chicken or turkey it would have to be completely skinless without any without any fat. And turns out that they were wrong.
[00:09:24] I could enjoy the yeah we would point that with everybody. I call it the ice cream chocolate part. You have a rare steak. All you want. You know it's just amazing. You get to the point where if you go wow what does this say is that he's had a hard time accepting it. It's I'll tell you what what the difference is. We provide you know DATAFILE and what that does is that just tells a story. Then you do your blood work and then they then they understand it. Tell them anecdotally that they're just not going to stand it or know how to prescribe the changes. We found that what they do is they slowly take the people off of your a it's really taking off of the insulin injections and then they go into the next round of drugs and let the court go as a blood pressure medicine goes blood thinners go in it's pretty systematic how it works. And. It's permanent. In other words we're not seeing now that it's that it is changing as long as the people just avoid the bad foods. It's permanent. And the nice thing about it is that diet can stay on. I could not. If I had to eat lettuce and broccoli with nothing on it and carrots and celery life's not worth living. I've enjoyed it. I enjoy my food. I lose weight and everyone that's secret the secret is it's not a punishment diet. And the like you're saying your favorite foods are back. That's really kind of incredible stories. My God. So you can stay on the diet the rest of your life