David: "I'm not hungry anymore and have no food cravings
                 Who Knew Dieting could be so much fun !"

Podcast show with David whose on our program

By constantly monitoring everybody that is on our blood sugar diet program we can see exactly the foods that raise blood sugar levels and foods that lower blood sugar levels  in your body. David shares with us in this podcast how he had blood sugar readings in the 170's-190's but not anymore. He has also lost weight, lowered his blood sugar levels, and tells us how he's not hungry, has no food cravings, and how he can eat a lot of goodies-surprisingly with this diet he has found that he can now eat snicker bars, ice-cream, and dark chocolate that do not raise his blood sugar levels. 

"I am not hungry and no food cravings"

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[00:00:00] Hello hello hello welcome to Nick's wellness report and we have another live broadcast a live interview with one of the members of the growing wellness community. And his name is David and he is on the program and having great success. He's not been on the Libre Blood Sugar Diet that long but he is one of these amazing guys. When I first saw David I was getting blood sugar readings in the 170s,180s, and 190s which was very high and you got to understand that David is my bull. OK this is the guy. He wants it. He's going to do it. He tests foods he's sometimes light years ahead of us. And a quick story is that he's been testing Snickers bars with no no increase in his blood sugar levels at all. So this is the guy that's got the Herculean metabolism and what's happened is he just had some really bad foods in there and he's coming a long long way and it's kind of amazing.I am going to let him tell the stories particularly of that, and he is very aggressive when it comes to the testing part which is really cool and he's very smart about the testing he's giving us tests and waiting between, he's just, you know cucumbers and beef burgers and tacos and he's going to tell that story because the amazing part of this with this guy's story -the silly part is the food you would think he could eat he can't and stuff that he would say No way. So he's not like this dream diet. I mean I see burritos going by the hair. But of course he's a pretty aggressive tester. But the story is that he's put together pieces very well. And this is another story the progress. So I want you to get a perspective of what people in the real world are experiencing. David welcome. How are you.

[00:01:52] Welcome welcome.

[00:01:54] Thank you. Well tell me about this story. How are you doing on this thing.

[00:02:02] I think I've been pretty good. I'm I know a little over a month and a half and

[00:02:09] I have lost 15 pounds now. And actually my wife started at the same time I did. And she's lost 11 pounds so from the diet standpoint her weight loss standpoint we are seeing some success with it. Originally we got on this because you know we would try to take some weight off and by using the same strategies we would take some weight off in the same weight would go back on and sometimes with a little more and we could't explain what was causing it and it wasn't making any sense.

[00:02:47] And you know when we read or read some of the literature on this program some of the things struck records that we thought we'd give it a try and that's what we did.

[00:02:58] Here we are some of the foods you eliminated, give us some ideas that you could eat.

[00:03:05] Well the first thing that happened was all the bread groups were a problem. Things like flour and yeast would spike me up pretty high. So that's a hard one for me to give up or was a hard one to give up. Milk chocolate which was really no surprise.

[00:03:31] However dark chocolate I could eat and that was a surprise because dark chocolate actually makes my blood glucose go down.

[00:03:40] Surprisingly all I can eat ice cream I love ice cream that was bad.

[00:03:48] I mean there's things that did make you know doesn't make sense in a normal world anyway. These were things that were bad. And for me like nuts I could eat all nuts which I was staying away from some nights because they were sport. You don't claim to be fattening and such and. I'm not having any trouble with any of the knots.

[00:04:09] Not my wife on the other hand has some issues with like she can have peanuts or cashews like I can eat all any green vegetable I've tried so far was good for me for Bloodgood clothes.

[00:04:24] But not all so much for my wife.

[00:04:27] There are certain lettuces that she reacts to.

[00:04:33] Some other vegetables also that she is somewhat susceptible to getting higher glucose level from just strange anomalies like that.

[00:04:46] It's amazing. We're I'm I'm finding differences in brands of ice into other words. If it's not one of these. A lot of ingredients that are replacing the creamy ice cream you are having trouble with that. I remember you had. You had some Mexican food on here a couple of times officer and one time we had Mexican food that didn't seem to bother me.

[00:05:17] I haven't had a meat plate just the meat portion that has given me any trouble with Bloodgood loopholes. It's not right no raises another one that I tend to have trouble with.

[00:05:29] So it's the stuff that goes with it. And the amazing thing that's starting to change now is I'm reacting. Different foods. You know six seven weeks into the process than what I had when I first started. So some of the sensitivity levels seem to be altering a little bit. Yeah what happens is your your gut is not doing a good job processing your input a lot of sugar getting alleviated food foods for some reason when you get out the aggravating stuff that's making your. Your Diet go crazy what happens is we find that you

[00:06:10] Can start reintroducing foods that have first you couldn't change. Everyone has at the very beginning you're living eating more foods than as you're getting well and your blood glucose within normal bounds. You're not you know you're not going to supervise your body now. It is adjusting and you do a much better job processing food. It's amazing. You'll you'll find that you'll be reintroduced a lot of things back into the diet once you get your system down. It's these huge spikes that you were having by the way you know where you're going to. The 80s and 90s and all that that was was aggravated. Now that you don't go anywhere near that anymore. I remember the 70s 80s and the sheets. Now that doesn't happen. So you're moderating that means your your body's healing itself functions returning normal weight is falling off it's almost Omak process. Are you hungry at all.

[00:07:06] No actually I'm not hungry.

[00:07:09] It's a little bit frustrating in that hour. I figured out Candida Highwinds. And now for the last seven days I spent about a third of my time in the blue portion in the circle which is what the lower. Glucose rate than what we want at Target. So now I have to figure out how that mix and match the foods that elevate those lower portions. Get me back in the on where I want to be at.

[00:07:37] Let me explain. We have what we call the green zone and that is the perfect ideal of glucose levels that gives you the maximum the maximum weight loss. And so everyone comes into the program because of our diets. Superhigh OK. And then you eliminate the superhigh foods. Now all of a sudden you've learned to have your snack. You've got to bring more carbs back into your food and adjust it. And what we want to do is we want to get into the green circle. So what's happening with him is that he's eliminated the foods now. Now he has to go back and retrain herself. So it's a whole nother pattern. OK. Believe it or guy that saying please more pleasing more pleasing more carbs. Please pick up yourself how the blue zones. It's a really good problem to have. And remember that in modern medicine we pay attention. The doctors pay attention to blood glucose levels going high. But there's another problem with glucose levels going low which is one of these unaddressed problems that people have that most people don't know. There's a lot of fatigue headaches lack of energy because the blood glucose levels are low. We make a mistake of going too long between meals. We don't put a lot of carbs and meal so what was happening now is we're fine tuning the diet. So he's he's now getting to a situation where the more snacks learn that you tell what's happened is when your blood glucose is high then you're going to need proteins and have moderated when it's low you're getting more carbohydrates to bring it higher.

[00:09:14] Believe it or not we actually have people who say you have to say OK your levels low. Have some ice cream. Yeah a diet where your body's requiring icecream. And this is the mystery. And what we're learning about this thing is that the body. Really knows how to moderate itself and you have to give it the right food basically an engine and it's a quality fuel is going in. And that's with the beauty of our system is the outer rhythm manage the food. How high your blood cuckolds goes how fast it drops down and then can anticipate where your blood sugar is going to be and by adjusting it to where you're in a safe zone where you're not you're not too high not too low. One of these happens about body says living itself. Amazing. So David went to have a situation where he was spiking very high after every meals almost every day to where we don't see him going hiding where he's eliminated. Not a lot I mean have you made it all together. I really didn't have eliminated anything totally but you know mostly in the breads and now and cakes that kind of stuff

[00:10:25] That's that's most of it.

[00:10:32] Fantastic job for you. So tell me what's going on. You like the falling off

[00:10:38] Half way off. In fact they did something today.

[00:10:43] I thought see what a stickler what buyers would do since that there was a nemesis too. And so I took one and cut it up into six it and I spaced it out. And partook of it and it hardly moved my glucose level at all was mazing when they were they had a snickers bar. When we first started the program it just shot me right right into the red.

[00:11:08] So what's happening is what we think we're finding is that I could just track been destroyed by a lot of the glucose in a lot of the stuff from yeast that are now used in production factory food. And it seems that when you eliminate them what happens is the flora just better and your body's not getting chewed that glucose up and then you can tolerate more foods. Sure whatever it's fact is the chocolate bar ice cream candy diet because that's not really the thing that's causing the problem was sugar getting a bad rap. OK most people can tolerate sugar in moderation. What seems to be a problem is the rice. The bread products. And I'll tell you something else Wolf. We're finding dependable bread has made it a glucose rich flour. Is it using a super yeast or is it more traditional. Slow rising seems like the fast rising is affecting people says the cutest things we're going to find out what the. What affects you. How many more pounds you got to lose. At least 15. Maybe a little bit more

[00:12:22] So than halfway there halfway there. Six weeks four weeks five weeks. Well I've been out about six and a half weeks

[00:12:34] So take another 10 weeks to get your weight off probably at the rate you're falling right now.

[00:12:39] You're not or are you hungry. No. Well no food cravings No

[00:12:47] Yeah that's another interesting point is they really know what's going on over there really weren't any cravings.

[00:12:56] What we find is that when blood levels go higher than low hunger pains hit and when you maintain a steady level without the extremes people who get hungry they're naturally less. You know we never count calories. It's just your body will tell your self and adjust with what you need. Once you kind of reset your hunger meter then all of a sudden you're not reading. Are you eating less more what are you finding on that score.

[00:13:24] My lesson more what are you eating less food more food or how are you. I believe I need food. I don't think I consume as much.

[00:13:36] But it is a lifestyle. But you have to change and rethink how you put food together.

[00:13:45] You know if you're traditional and you consider certain foods for as breakfast foods for instance those might not work you might have to mix and match with things that you traditionally bite to for lunch or dinner to make it work out so that you get the right glucose levels.

[00:14:06] What do you think is glucose levels. What what he's doing is see when when we say your the equipment in the data of water which is a smartphone you're actually seeing as we are what your glucose levels are the debate is like if you get on a diet you pick out a cheesecake you don't know about it it doesn't hit the scale for a while. On this program within two hours two hours you know whether you can eat or not and it's an instant feedback systems. So that's the beauty of it is that it's not a time delay. It's not an if and maybe if the glucose goes right it can have it. And all of a sudden you're naturally adjusting your diet and then like you say now what was happening now is we cut off the highs and now we're going to deal with the frequency the eating and the glucose monitoring. We'll let you know the type of is that time for Karber that I wait too long to have breakfast should I've had a snack between. That's the miracle of having Worksop because as you're doing that the weight falling off and a lot of people have a lot of increasing libido a lot of people have legacy medicines are on it they slowly under their doctor's instructions lower it than we have amazing amazing things we never expected never we never we never thought we would see. So many other things that would seem to be secondary for example cholesterol seems was just correctly the glucose level the blood drives the liver the liver is the machine that makes the cholesterol.

[00:15:44] It's the machine that regulates the body too much blood glucose the fat. So it's an amazing amazing discovery that by monitoring this with the technology exists that you can tell exactly what's going on in your body and what happens is we take it and then the program gives back an algorithm which is that circle charts. Basically what you want to do is you want to get the read out of the charts. You want get the blue out simply get into the green and you're monitoring. We're taking a sample every 10 15 minutes and locking it. You don't get the readers now automatic. So what's happening is we're taking the data from the Monitor directly into your handheld device and we'll take a reading every five minutes for seven then you're entering in your food. Very simple. You get a food menu. At first it's a problem until you get the foods you normally eat and then once you get it's just a second because what you've got is a list of foods you have picked having. And all of a sudden. You're seeing a direct comparison to the food mood at the time you ate it and the blood sugar level. People are having a miracle change. Amazing. You know I'll tell you if I'm monitoring everybody on the program we have no one has not seen improvements. Not one person everyone has seen blood glucose go down. Everyone is losing weight. Everyone is seeing improvement numbers and it's just it's just incredible discovery.

[00:17:13] I gotta think of that simple you know.

[00:17:19] So we're moving into this whole new world now where because of science because the ability to monitor the blood levels. We're learning that no two people have the same foods no two are in our database. We're looking at 500 600 people 5600 now and no one has the same list it's as unique as the person is. It's amazing. The other thing is that as they go further along in this and good health returns and the legacy problems resolve themselves naturally the foodless expanse is kind of amazing. Well David thank you for your time. You have a great story you're going to come back when you've lost 15 pounds. Now tell us about it OK.

[00:18:10] I'll be ready. They are having. I appreciate it appreciate it anyway.

[00:18:18] This is just a story of people like you that without anything crazy. I'll have you live on charAt but I got bunny rabbit food you know carrots and celery and lettuce for the rest of your life. They will become snicker bar champion and Pee Wee icecream and it's crazy. You just don't notice that. So I urge you if you've got a weed problem if you've got a pre diabetic or diabetic problem you are might find that getting your blood sugar levels under control by making your refrigerator your medicine cabinet and making your food your medicine is a much better way of doing this. Health returns weight falls off people who are tired all the time they got energy levels. So we hear a lot that has seen people who have their cholesterol numbers with a blood test the best ever. We're seeing people have their blood pressure lowering. So this is a revolution in understanding diet. So I thank you and we're good to try to do two interviews a week by the way and we'll be publishing on the next wellness Report Web site. Come to it often Inci and when you're ready give us a call and we'll get you hooked up and we can change your life. Anyway appreciate. Thank you guys. Bye bye.